Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Surprise

The Surprise - Standing Sexual Position

The most suitable for lovers of raw and downright primitive Sex. Standing behind he penetrates her while grabbing her hips. She in turn slowly bends forward as far as touching the ground. He takes her over from behind so as to impose his pace. The pleasure for her lies in the vaginal opening angle that as narrow promotes such a delightful sensation for most women.
As for him the pleasure is in the glans that frets back and forth caressing her clitoris as he pleases in the most audacious thrusts. Besides, his field of view scans her anus, gluteus and back muscles, all of which highly erogenous areas. His exerted control and her exhilarating relax can
render her anuses probing easier, for one well lubricated finger up the honey-ring can make wonders for both parties.

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